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Human-Like Dexterity Made Simple

Versatile humanoid robotic hands,
as cost-efficient and easy to use as conventional industrial grippers

dexterous humanoid robotic hand or gripper


One universal robotic hand for a large range of use-cases with different grasp types and re-orientation motions


Simplified joint design, optimized for easy and
cost-effective fabrication

Easy to Use

Reduced programming effort by using gesture-based control and reinforcement learning



  • 16 DC servo motors

  • Lightweigth (0.8 kg)

  • High payload capability (10 kg)

  • Silicone padding for compliant grasping

  • Dislocatable joints

  • Position sensing in all joints

  • Tactile force sensing in all fingertips

  • Gesture based control

  • Standard flange for mounting on robot arms (DIN.ISO 9409-1-A50)


Faive robotics is a team of researchers at the ETH Zurich Soft Robotics Laboratory (SRL).


We combine expertise in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science to create advanced robotic grippers made from compliant and rigid materials similar to nature.

Stefan Weirich project lead robotic hands



Manuel Knecht systems engineering, actuation, sensing and control


Gavin Cangan electrical engineer robotic hands

Barnabas Gavin Cangan

Ulrich Steger, mechanical design robotic hand


Yasunori Toshimitsu reinforcement learning and control of robotic hand

Yasunori Toshimitsu

Robert Katzschmann, start-up advisor

Prof. Dr. Robert Katzschmann

Amir PCB design and electrical engineering

Amirhossein Kazemipour

Supported By

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